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Pigghaj was founded in 2001 with an idea to replace the modern dj. Why? Beacuse there's like a hundred coverbands out there playing the exact same music. ​Therefor, we play modern music live with brass. House, Hip Hop, Pop, Rock and more. Send your request here to get price info and playlists.


Previous bookings:

Daniel Wellington, Skandia, Adidas, Out of Office, Sturecompagniet, The Mansion Miami, Nikki Beach, VIP-Room St Tropez, Bagatelle Beach, Berns, Ambassadeur, O'learys, Accenture, Coca-Cola, Bonnier Tidsskrifter, Occasion Events, Björn Borg, Stanley Cup, Rest Broken, Statoil Sverige, Staffan Hellstrand, Quality Hotel, Hope Sthlm, McCann, Sthlm Fashionweek, Statoil, Jernhusen, Live Nation, Skattemyndigheten, Norweigan, Silja Line, Astra Zeneca plus a hundred weddings and private events since 2001.


Erik Persson, Guitar

Henrik Lillieander, Bass

Elias Nilsson, Saxophone

Mathias Eriksson, Trumpet

Kim Furuberget, Piano

Manne Sandström, Synth

Niklas Andersson, Drums

Jacob Wallander, Trombon

Robert Pihl, Vocals & Dj

Johan Lasell, Trumpet

Mikael Andersson, Guitar

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